Immersive Portal

A secure personal immersive organism in your closet. This performative technological flesh helps you mediate between reality and fiction. It grows with you, sees you, plays with you, listens to you, makes you feel. A threshold away from your techno utopias/dystopias. A space as private as your water closet or A house party as global as 1/670th of women across all nation on the same dinner table. A portal of a sort that completely immerses you into art, game, ecological, political, professional, recreational and emotional, feminist warfare/resort. The production of these immersive atmospheres is labored by artists, scientists, technologists, architects - basically everyone and anyone who cares.

The goal is to allow the viewer to explore the art by facilitating them with a portal. An artist can utilize this to influence the viewer by walking them through the process and dynamics of what they envision a viewer to experience. This translates to the gamification of art that makes it more interactive and participatory. An immersive portal would engage audiences and evoke an emotional response by directly engaging the viewer in an experience that is shared by the artist at the inception. Diverse elements of temperature, scents, and themes can be exercised in the portal to actuate viewer’s feelings. The completeness of ideas communicated to the viewer can also be enhanced by providing them a social aspect experienced in games by enabling them to interact with friends residing in geographically different locations.

Image Credit: Feelings are facts, 2010 Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2010 Photo: Studio Olafur Eliasson