House of Ash

"House of Ash" which is the birth of spatial ideas through civilizations that deal with material ontology. A man cursed with immortality experiences the death of generations of his family members with time. To capture the impermanence of each member he builds the house of ash. Each material used to build this house are the reasons that took their life away - fire, cotton, copper, ice, water, air, smoke, light, glass, concrete etc., each stacked like onion rings besides one another. In the house of ash these material interact with each other in various reactionary ways. This cosmic tale talks about the experiential life of various material collisions and how it keeps accumulating layers based on new materials found in space and time.

Authors :
Swati Vimal Jain, Ms.AAD, Columbia GSAPP ;
Himil Ramani, B.Arch, Mumbai University ;
Vinit Kadam, B.Arch, Mumbai University.