A Transparent Digital Platform to bring people and ideas from different disciplines to collaborate in the same space. (Transparent : A direct Map of Posts that appear on your feed)

Welcome to the great collision!

We were waiting, waiting for the tools to sharpen, for the privilege to shatter, for our colors to blend in, for borders to fade, for cultures to mingle, for our shapes,sizes and textures to normalize.

Waiting for the unification of your ideas in words, meanings, thoughts, images, code, voices, objects, designs, discoveries to find the unexpected. From the atomic to the astronomical.

For the disciplines to merge together and disseminate into an organism of oneness and for you, yes YOU to be a part of it.

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We are developing an organic collaborative community where all our languages and microscopes are set into designing a new world by enabling local conversations between disciplines. Think of a huge forest, where every tree is a discipline and the shade in between represents the cross-disciplinary space. Many people would like to play in this shade, to unlock connections and establish new uncharted growth. But there is very little funding and opportunities. Our vision is to create this shade for the exchange of ideas that allows all those working between and beyond the disciplines to come together in unexpected ways. 

Naked Corridors

Trust acts as the main catalyst for relationships and interplays in the cyber-physical space. We truly believe that trust in technology can be achieved through complete transparency. Therefore aim to sensitize the Black Box into a Glass box.

We do so by providing transparency to the corridors in which an encounter takes place - to perceive, understand, and take responsibility for our intervention within each of these encounters. As a “participant” you can engage at every scale, by being aware of the systems that you are in and being continuously mirrored by. In addition to that, all collaborations will be Blockchain which thereby makes the exchange public. This would be much more of a design whose outcome we cannot fully control–more like giving birth to a child and influencing its development.

#crossdiscplinary #trustthroughtechnology

Authors :
Swati Jain, MS.AAD, Columbia GSAPP
Abhishek Patole, MS Cyber Security, NYU