This project explores the potential of Domestic spaces for artists inside MoMa QNS using game theory. It does so by analysing Marcel Duchamp’s work and his obsession with the game of chess which reciprocates his design process of orienting and disorienting objects and spaces in various narratives. This Museum thus becomes a performative Art factory where its not just an archive of recognized art works but also starts contribution to the production of it by inhabiting the artist themselves. The artist house becomes a tool to live in. Almost fostering an archive of living thoughts and those represented.

                                                                             Art House MoMA

                                                                             Masters Academic Work
                                                                             Fall 2017
                                                                             Tutors -(vPPR)
                                                                             Tatiana von Preussen
                                                                             Jessica Reynolds
                                                                             Catherine Pease




Playgrounds for explorations
Typologies for archiving not just art but also thoughts,Thoughts must not be hindered by the fear of skipping the public eye.
Eyes penetrating searching for dissolutionResolutions were the institutions, no longer validValid now are the fields of social confusionConfusion being the genesis of the new urban atmospheres,Atmospheres of collision of non-work and playLet playgrounds guide us, let It become a tool..