The Art Gallery That Stopped Valerie

A poetry on Museum Architecture and Quantum Physics.
                                                                               Digital Work 

                                                                               Project :Self
                                                                               Design : Swati Jain
                                                                               Poetry : Swati Jain


Valerie one day while tunneling through objects through huge cosmic retrospects
encountered a strange wall. The wall called herself Gallery, Gallery, Bitten by time,
now a thousand years ago compelled Valerie to stay... Valerie tried to learn the order gallery had midway...
Of doors and windows embellished or not, Of socio-political-economic-cultural orders not followed or not. She was amazed to see object walking through time, Of memories embodied in Art and Science.Valerie seemed to extend her compliance, Mesmerized by the identities and sense of space she could offer the people. Then one day,
She looked at herself nothing than a container trapped in time,
She decided to liberate by kissing the paradigm Gallery and  saw the physics,
Valerie saw it too, Gallery tress passed, won't you pass too?